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By Elaine Cunningham

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Attractive as she is lethal, Liriel Baenre flits throught the shadows of Menzoberranzan, urban of the darkish elves. Amid treachery and homicide which are the drow's day-by-day fare, she feels anything calling to her ... anything past this dusky international a ways faraway from the sunlight. but as she ventures towards the skin and the lands of sunshine, enemies pursue her unceasingly.

And one enemy may possibly provide her the one wish of salvation.

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This bonus does not include a monk’s Wisdom bonus to Armor Class. Oneness of Balance (Su): At 19th level, you gain a +10 competence bonus on Balance, Escape Artist, and Tumble checks. ADVENTURE SEED (EL 6) While spending the night at an isolated monastery one evening during their travels, the characters are awakened in the middle of the night by a loud pounding on the monastery gates. Investigating the noise, they find an emaciated, pale monk, carrying nunchaku that appear to be made from a set of human armbones.

Down to focus on magical research. When the two Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Bright Evening Star; parted, Eldarniel gave Alenea Bright Evening Star. He Cost 1,500 gp; Weight —. At will, by uttering a command word, you can use light as the spell. Caster told her their love would last as long as the moonlight level 2nd. and the stars. Alenea wore the ring constantly, but Omen: Although the ring fits any hand, nonelves she seldom called upon its powers. Because she rarely have always reported the loop feels a bit loose or tight.

DC 15) his entire lab. Alenea maintained the hope that he had merely been Little is known of Alenea’s shunted to an alternate plane of existence, but she early life before she completed her magical training finally accepted the truth after years of searching. and began her adventuring career. She was born in a She never remarried. When she died, her body was small fishing village on the coast, and at a young age, she entered one of the elves’ many spellcasting acadplaced next to Eldarniel’s empty tomb, but Bright Eveemies.

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