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By Christie Golden

ISBN-10: 1560763523

ISBN-13: 9781560763529

Whilst the riverboat on which she works as a dancer docks at a zombie-plagued island often called Sourange, Larissa Snowmane needs to depend upon assistance from the swamp creatures to save lots of her soul.

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Desire began to blend with the excitement of the kill. "Larissa . " His voice was deeper, huskier, and he turned her face up to his. Larissa had heard that note in men's voices before and had learned to mistrust it. Hearing it from Dumont filled her with shock and a sense of betrayal. -Displeasure darkened his own as he stepped forward. Larissa panicked and dived for the sword the unfortu- nate Handsome Jack had dropped. It was far heavier than the prop swords she had handled from time to time, and her wrist hurt as she picked it up.

Not a copper, Mayor. This is my gift. And if you don't like what you see, my cast and 1 will just go right back on our boat and steam away. " Mayor Foquelaine was obviously not comfortable with the idea, but he could sense his people's excitement. There was little in their lives as bright or beautiful as the showboat. Few traveled out of the mists to visit Souragne, and most who did were haunted, broken souls or evil, greedy wanderers. "Very well," Foquelaine yielded. " Dumont smiled the smile of a hungry tiger.

Thank you, Mayor Foquetaine," said Dumont. "Mayor, this is my ward, Larissa Snowmane. " Foquelaine, delighted, took the dancer's hand and planted an unpleasantly moist kiss on it, "Such a pleasure, mademoiselle," he enthused. "Your Lady of the Sea was stunning! Never have I seen such graceful movement! " Dumont's smile returned. "It would be an honor to perform for your people. " He looked out on the sea of smiling faces, illuminated by the many torches in the square. The illusion of the island paradise had gone, but its memory lingered.

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