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By Judith Simmer-Brown

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The first logo of the female in Tibetan Buddhism is the dakini, or "sky-dancer," a semi-wrathful spirit-woman who manifests in visions, desires, and meditation reviews. Western students and interpreters of the dakini, prompted by means of Jungian psychology and feminist goddess theology, have formed a modern critique of Tibetan Buddhism during which the dakini is noticeable as a mental "shadow," a female savior, or an objectified fabricated from patriarchal myth. based on Judith Simmer-Brown—who writes from the perspective of an skilled practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism—such interpretations are insufficient.

In the religious trip of the meditator, Simmer-Brown demonstrates, the dakini symbolizes degrees of non-public recognition: the sacredness of the physique, either male and female; the profound assembly aspect of physique and brain in meditation; the visionary realm of formality perform; and the empty, spacious traits of brain itself. while the meditator encounters the dakini, residing non secular event is activated in a nonconceptual demeanour by way of her direct gaze, her radiant physique, and her compassionate revelation of fact. Grounded within the author's own come across with the dakini, this distinctive research will attract either female and male religious seekers attracted to goddess worship, women's spirituality, and the tantric culture.

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So there are both the appearance of the manifest ma:r:t�ala in all its vivid details, including ourselves as the principal deity, and its empty nature, which signifies that it has arisen from the expanse of reality beyond all discursive elabora­ tion122. Integrating the appearances and their essential nature into an indivisible union, free from any mental fixations, is the completion stage of the practice. Thus the practice becomes what is known as "the non-dual practice of generation and completion".

This went on for a long time, with the result that he accumulated a tre­ mendous amount of negative karma. So when Black Liberation died, he was immediately reborn in the Vajra Hell. Only those who have broken their secret mantra samaya take rebirth in that particu­ lar hell. Black Liberation's negative karma ripened and as it ran its course, gradually became exhausted. As it did so, he slowly began to move in and out of the hell realms each time he was reborn. He went from the Vajra Hell into the eight hot hells, and then he would alter­ nate between rebirth in one of the eight hot and then one of the eight cold hells.

C;lala. This then is the origin of the entire assembly of the deities of Vajrakilaya, as regards the residences and the beings residing within them. The reason Rudra had the good fortune to meet Vajrakilaya, and to be treated in this way, was because he had made contact with the secret mantra teachings 1nany lifetimes before, when he received instructions from the monk Thubka Shyonnu. Though Rudra is now, The Origin of the Deity Vajrakilaya 43 as Mahakala, a protector of the teachings of the one thousand and two buddhas of this fortunate aeon, there is a prophecy that in the future he will become a buddha himself in the subterranean world system.

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