Contributions to analytical psychology by Jung, C. G.,trans. by H.G. and Cary F. Baynes. PDF

By Jung, C. G.,trans. by H.G. and Cary F. Baynes.

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MODELLI NG MIGRATIO N AND DEVE LOPMENT 2 37 Modelling Labour Mobility Under perfect labour mobility, as in the Harris-Todaro approach, for example, migration equalizes utility across loeations or else leads to complete depopulation of one or other of the economies involved, as in Krugman (1991 ). 1 Perfeet mobility generates the very restrictive result, however, that if the outside option remains constant nothing can affect individuals' welfare. I Faini (1996) and Andersson and Forslid (2004), on the other hand, assurne population heterogeneity.

Here , some of the shortcomings of the model are exposed and one alternative is briefl y explored. In a world of widespread factor mobility, individual economies-at the theoretical level-must still be defined with reference to some fixed factor. Land is the first one that usuall y springs to mind. ) For policy analysis, however, it is arguably more useful to consider a factor whose quality varies with governance. Let us call this 'infrastructure'. In its broadest sense this will include roads, telecommunications, educational establishments, national systems of innovation, etc.

WILLIAMSON sent. The less ski lied and educated the immigrants are, the bigger their net fiscal burden is likely to be. Thus, the declining "quality" of immigrants over recent decades implied a rising net fiscal burden on taxpaying natives. We have indirect support for the hypothesis, since we know that the richer the destination country is and the greater negative selectivity is, the greater popular antipathy to immigration is (O'Rourke and Sinnott 2001) . We also have direct support for the hypothesis, since respondents often state that concerns about fiscal burden are important ingredients to their negative attitudes towards immigrants (Dustmann and Preston 2002).

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Contributions to analytical psychology by Jung, C. G.,trans. by H.G. and Cary F. Baynes.

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