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Glossy touch linguistics has basically enthusiastic about touch among languages which are genetically unrelated and structurally far-off. This compendium of articles seems in its place on the results of pre-existing structural congruency among the affected languages on the time in their preliminary touch, utilizing the Romance and Slavic languages as examples. involved of this type, either genetic and typological similarities play an element.

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Standard Russian and Karelian attest this construction, too. , Experiencer, External and Predicative Possessor or Beneficiary) in the given language. While the languages just mentioned follow coherently this pattern, Lithuanian deviates in two respects: first, the meaning of the Lithuanian construction has developed further: it has a clearly predominant evidential meaning; second, the Actor patterns with the internal possessor and is casemarked with the genitive instead of the otherwise expectable dative, cf.

The rise of akan’e and jakan’e in East Slavic, on the one hand, and Latgalian and Northeast Lithuanian, on the other, went through completely different paths with different internal motivations. Thus, in Latgalian, the rise of o (< a) in stressed syllables was motivated by a combination of umlaut processes and other sound changes (Serzˇant 2005: 51–55), while the vowel reduction in the unstressed syllables was the main stimulus in East Slavic. The internal motivations prevail to such an extent that it is in fact difficult to pinpoint a particular step in the development that is arguably triggered by language-contact.

Developments in Sociology 20: 103–121. Pihlak, Ants 1993 A Comparative Study of Voice in Estonian. Acta Commentationes, Academia Securitatis Publicae Estoniae. Tallinn. ) 2007 Europe and the Mediterranean as Linguistic Areas (Convergencies from a historical and typological perspective). Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins. Sandfeld, Kristian 1926 Balkanfilologien. En oversigt over dens resultater og problemer [Balkan philology. A survey of its findings and problems]. København: Bianco Lunos. Schwyzer, Eduard and Albert Debrunner 1950: Griechische Grammatik.

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