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By Rosemary Jones

ISBN-10: 0786962364

ISBN-13: 9780786962365

Deception! Betrayal! an ideal partnership! within the end to this four-part novella, Rucas Sarfael uncovers the twisted plots that introduced him to town of Neverwinter and discovers a plot at the lifetime of its lord.

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No Reason, No Rhyme: Exalted often suspect that outsiders are subtly Oawed. The exalted of evil gods such as Tiamat and Zehir are certain that outsid­ ers are entirely inferior. Unless you decide to change the dynamic in your campaign, that assumption shouldn't actually be true. The tragedy of the domin­ ions is that there isn't any true difference between souls that become exalted and souls that find themselves as outsiders; the outsiders are the final accidental casualties of the destruction of the Lattice of Heaven during the Dawn War.

The greatest are so large and complex that they resemble small forested islands. The wanderers of the fleet are known for their curiosity and willingness to gamble, making them popular trading and traveling companions for planar adventurers. Court of the Seldarine: Atop the tallest hill in Arvandor stands a ring of fey-touched menhirs in the middle of a gloriOUS fey palace. This hallowed place is Nath Seldarie, where Corellon and Sehanine CORELLON, GRUUMSH, AND LOLTH [fhe enmity between Corellon and Gruumsh is legendary.

The Reef Catacombs: Frequently, the Glorious Hunt travels to a chain of tiny, boulderlike islands off the coast of Est air a where abominations from Carceri have lodged with increasing frequency. In reality, these islands are the tops ofgreat trees petrified with age and submerged beneath the water. They were ancient even before the battles of the Dawn War and are riddled with cavities, some filled with water and others with stagnant air. Diving hunters who swim from tree to tree or those who find a way through the air pockets within the petrified limbs must pry out the abominations that find refuge among the under­ water tree caverns.

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