Ari Marmell's Cityscape (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying PDF

By Ari Marmell

ISBN-10: 0786939397

ISBN-13: 9780786939398

Cityscape beneficial properties city-building principles, new techniques for city-based characters, city-based encounters, and ideas for city terrain. the sport fabric is totally suitable with the D&D center rulebooks and comprises timesaving instruments and information for any city crusade. the fabric during this complement is acceptable for either D&D avid gamers and Dungeon Masters and contains content material that appeals to either

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Became despondent after the display of the finished piece failed to win him instant accolades from the Court. He had fond dreams of a life of idly overseeing the carving of huge civic sculptures up and down Cormyr as the royal sculptor. He flung himself into the sea during a storm and was never seen again. 48 Elminster: Used the way ye folk employ barbecue sauce and ketchup or catsup or whatever it’s called. 49 Everything offered by the enterprising Aurora in Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue, in fact.

By the way, the Six Candles has no connection to the older Sixcandles Inn in Hultail— Saszesk seems to have chosen the name to confuse customs inspectors. The Wailing Wheel Situated in the southwestern angle where Windever Street and the Prome- nade meet and facing the Horngate, the Wheel stands at the other end of the same block fronting the Promenade as the Six Candles. The Wheel is the quietest, least known of Suzail’s large inns—and for good reason. It’s always cold and dirty, the dining room fare is meager, and the service is almost nonexistent.

Taverns Marsember was once well endowed with what locals call watering docks, but almost all of them have now become inns as well. The chilly sea damp makes places that serve hot food with their drinks more popular. There seems to be only one “swill only” establishment left. The Tankard of Eels Despite its nauseating name, this ramshackle place is warm, fairly clean, and pleasant inside. The name comes from a long-ago bet wherein a half-ogre customer drank—well, you can guess. It’s not a drink featured on the menu now, though one can get a respectable selection of ales and wines,49 as well as zzar and a few liqueurs.

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