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By Jean Rabe

ISBN-10: 0880387440

ISBN-13: 9780880387446

Within this folder are 12 diversified road format styles that may be mixed in a large number of the way, plus 33 constructions of assorted sizes and shapes that may be minimize out and assembled. The elements, scaled to be used with 25mm miniature figures, let you create 3-dimensional urban scenes for characters to discover. additionally incorporated is a 64-page publication that takes you step-by-step during the technique of defining and designing the villages, cities, and towns of your crusade global. The e-book comprises 5 experience eventualities that utilize the road layouts and fold-up constructions - principles designed to get you began in order to making your towns come alive.

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It could be considered a rare item, since bringing it to the town was costly, and the merchant could need to make a considerable profit from it because it took up shelf or storage space that could have been allocated to other merchandise. The player characters themselves could play a role in the cost of goods. A half-elf looking for a short sword in a town filled with dwarves might have to pay a lot more for the item than a dwarf or human wanting to buy it. In addition, a PC with bargaining skill or a high Charisma score probably 36 could get a better deal than a crude PC who has a low Charisma.

Because they deal with the public every day, they know what is going on in the various neighborhoods. If a merchant has a politician for a customer, he has a way to find about general facts about the government’s current affairs. If a merchant has adventurers for customers, he can learn about nearby ruins and dungeons, who’s hiring mercenaries, and if there are monstrous forces about. Some merchants could charge PCs for information. However, if the PCs are regular customers or do not quibble about prices, the merchants could provide information for free.

Miscast spells have resulted in odd-looking animals wandering the street, a miniature mountain springing up in the middle of the central park, and unusual and inexplicable weather. PCs visiting this town could find themselves in the middle of a magical experiment gone awry, or they could be asked to help get rid of a terrain feature that magically appeared or chase down a powerful and dangerous housecat that escaped from the academy. A feature in town might be something other than what it seems.

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