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By Ciba Foundation, G E. W. Wolstenholme, Cecilia M. 1927- O'Connor

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ISBN-13: 9780470719053

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Chapter 1 commencing comments (pages 1–3): Sir Charles Harington
Chapter 2 elements of the matter of Drug Resistance in micro organism (pages 4–29): A. C. R. Dean and Sir Cyril Hinshelwood
Chapter three oblique choice and beginning of Resistance (pages 30–46): L. L. Cavalli?Sforza
Chapter four Genetic elements of Drug Resistance (pages 47–63): M. Demerec
Chapter five Inheritance in unmarried Bacterial Cells (pages 64–77): W. Howard Hughes
Chapter 6 Penicillin?Induced Resistance to Penicillin in Cultures of Bacillus cereus (pages 78–101): M. R. Pollock
Chapter 7 Directed Hereditary alterations of Fermentative houses of Yeast via a selected Substrate (pages 102–140): ok. V. Kossikov
Chapter eight a number of Mechanisms of got Drug Resistance (pages 141–164): Margaret J Thornley, Jehudith Sinai and John Yudkin
Chapter nine Physiological (Phenotypic) Mechanisms accountable for Drug Resistance (pages 165–182): Bernard D. Davis
Chapter 10 Genetic and Metabolic Mechanisms Underlying a number of degrees of Sulphonamide Resistance in Pneumococci (pages 183–196): Rollin D. Hotchkiss and Audrey H. Evans
Chapter eleven The Phenotypic Expression of Genes picking quite a few varieties of Drug Resistance Following their Inheritance through delicate micro organism (pages 197–209): W. Hayes
Chapter 12 particular Polyhydroxy Compounds as Cofactors of Enzymic edition and Its Inheritance (pages 210–232): P. P. Slonimski and H. de Robichon?Szulmajster
Chapter thirteen improvement of Resistance to Streptomycin in Serratia marcescens (pages 233–240): B. Gyorffy and that i. Kallay
Chapter 14 Distribution of Drug?Resistant participants in Cultures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (pages 241–250): R. Knox
Chapter 15 Physiological edition of micro organism to Antibiotics (pages 251–261): W. Kunicki?Goldfinger
Chapter sixteen Drug Resistance of Staphylococci with precise connection with Penicillinase construction (pages 262–279): Mary Barber
Chapter 17 at the id of Genetic and Non?Genetic edition in micro organism (pages 280–293): M. Westergaard
Chapter 18 The Reactions of the Mutagenic Alkylating brokers with Proteins and Nucleic Acids (pages 294–322): P. Alexanders, Sheila F. Cousens and ok. A. Stacey
Chapter 19 Genetics of 2 diverse Mechanisms of Resistance to Colicins: Resistance via lack of particular Receptors and Immunity through move of Colicinogenic elements (pages 323–345): Pierre Redericq

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A series of stages in the development of Lac- colonies is illustrated in Fig. 2a to f showing clearly the emergence of papillae. Subcultures from the papillae yield nearly 100 per cent colonies of the Lac+ type (Fig. l b ) in lactose agar. It might be quite easy to miss these papillae in colonies growing deep in agar and they were only easily visible by the use of a binocular plate microscope. With surface-inoculations, the papillae were quite obvious to the naked eye and it was much easier to distinguish between colonies of the Lac+ and Lac- type.

CAVALLI-SFORZA Istituto Sieroterapico, Milan Adaptation of individuals and of populations ADAPTATION to environmental changes in living organisms can take place both at an individual and at a populational level. Mechanisms of the first type are often efficient enough to cope with the altered situation, but there will be some variation in the individual responses to the changed environment. If the following two conditions are fulfilled: (i) that this variation is at least in part heritable, (ii) that there is differential reproduction of individuals showing different degrees of adaptation, then the population is also bound t o change, in the sense that the frequencies with which the variously adaptable types are represented will be modified.

A short report is given here of data in which this experiment was amplified, considering that every experiment of indirect selection tests just one culture, and that the most informative stage is the first cycle (or, occasionally, the first two cycles) of indirect selection. e. by plating in presence of the drug. I n view of the greater simplicity of the system, the experiment was made on streptomycin resistance. Samples from a number of independent saturated cuItures were tested for streptomycin resistance and concentrations of resistant cells per ml.

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