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Is the most formidable, not solely because of the inherent because each universality of their antagonism, but, above all, sees in the other the most redoubtable rival to its ultimate goaL Paradoxically enough, in this respect Catholicism is as revoaim: the lutionary as Communism, both having the same out of the present structure of society everywhere wiping a Catholic or a Communist society is except, of course, where already in existence and their substitution by a wholly Communist one all over the globe.

He Is the proclaimcr of truth. Nor was arrogance of such claims confined to the In the minds of uncountable generations these were real, concrete attributes, by virtue of which the Popes were able to erect an immense structure, thanks to which they could keep their iron grip upon the Middle rhetorical the field. Ages and beyond* They produced incommensurable repercussions, THEIR CLAIMS TO UNIVERSAL DOMINION 29 not only within the Church, but also within the social, economic, and political framework of nations, causing immense reverberations throughout the Western world.

To be rehabilitated in their Duchies, 16 Kingdoms and Empires. Such decrees made thrones fall and whole nations change even become fiefs of the Roman Pontiffs. The pretensions of the Popes were not confined to the times when they towered aloft with all the pride and arrogance of rulers whose nods were laws. The Popes maintained them even after their power had been much reduced and, indeed, their rulers or in many lands Protestantism. nullified altogether by the appearance of Protestant potentates with They threatened the same boldness, and although, more often than not, their in vain, yet they were ominous of the commands were unchanged claims of the Catholic Church.

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