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By Sam Witt, Eric Olson

ISBN-10: 0786901454

ISBN-13: 9780786901456

Fort websites deals a desirable and particular check out the workings of 7 outstanding fortresses:

Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion outfitted into the face of a cliff to guard a wealthy adamantium mine;

Cloud maintain, the flying fort of a hurricane substantial clan;

Dragon's Coffin, equipped to maintain an historical black dragon trapped within its subterranean lair; plus a walled valley, the ruined fort of a lich, a border castle, and a frontier outpost.

Each access incorporates a description of the site's visual appeal, background, and format, an in depth floorplan, entire info at the NPCs who reside (or died) there, and event hooks to attract participant characters into the atmosphere.

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This means that the wizard can memorize spells as if he were a higher level wizard, though he cannot memorize any spells of a higher level than he normally knows. Thus, a 13th level Wizard with 2 apprentices of 3rd level, 2 of 2nd level, and 2 of 1st level can memorize spells and cast them as if he were 25th level, though he cannot memorize the 7th, 8th and 9th level spells that a 25th level wizard could memorize. The apprentices helping the wizard must be of the same school. Note that any school but Evocation must use this spell at 2nd level, not first.

Inner Thay Cities along Yuirwood— Largest forest in the area of Thay. Former home of the Yuir elves, who are some of the progenitors of the half-elves of Aglarond. Now forms the border between Aglarond and the Cities of the North Coast. Zulkirs— The Red Wizards who actually rule Thay. There are said to be eight Zulkirs, one for each school of magic. The actual names of these wizards are not usually known. Thaymount— Small range of mountains, probably volcanic, that rise out of the Priador and form the West Wall of Thay when she has shrunk her borders in times of retreat.

L Agents of the Red Wizards of Thay have openly slain merchants in Westgate and Scardale-port, and it is whispered that the fell Red Magic Cult is stirring again; perhaps the Red Wizards will resume their quest for world domination soon, in the Inner Sea Lands. l A tavern in Ordulin, The Stranded Fish, has been set afire and destroyed in a brawl between local bravos and a bearded, robed mage of great power, thought to be one of the Red Wizards of Thay. The mage escaped the blaze, and his present whereabouts are unknown.

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