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By Ricky Jay

ISBN-10: 0446387568

ISBN-13: 9780446387569

The writer of the severely acclaimed discovered Pigs and Fireproof girls, a nationally recognized sleight-of-hand professional, motion picture actor and magician extraor dinaire, offers a classy parody of self-defense books that demonstrates how traditional cards can be utilized as a method of security. pictures.

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Gas grenades are usually either in cannister or ball form. They can be either bursting or aerosol fogger type. Typically, they are tear gas (CN, CS, or OC), but other gases exist as well. Nausea gas and mild nerve gases (resulting in temporary disorientation, hallucinations, or paralysis) have been loaded into cannister grenades for riot control purposes, but have never been used domestically (officially). The Soviets have been known to make occasional use of poison gas grenades. Cyanide gas grenades can easily be improvised in the home of a terrorist, provided he has the chemicals and instructions.

Cyanide gas grenades can easily be improvised in the home of a terrorist, provided he has the chemicals and instructions. ), and often share common ingredients. The small fuse-lit gas grenades used for killing woodchucks generate too small a volume of gas to be effective against humans unless ignited en masse within an enclosed area. Stun grenades fall into two categories: stunball and flash-bang. Stunball grenades are used for crowd control as well as quelling prison riots. They are basically a non-lethal fragmentation grenade using plastic or rubber balls for shrapnel.

These designs have also been incorporated into belt buckles, which can fire rounds sideways from the wearer (although this variation is rare). Distantly related to the pengun is the "blowpen" marketed by ASP. This device, sold primarily as a novelty item, appears to be a thick fountain pen with a tube running through its length, from which can be fired miniature blowgun darts. Accuracy and velocity are limited, which restricts one to point blank range. The tiny darts are incapable of causing injury unless fired directly into the eye; however, if the darts were to be treated with a potent neurotoxin, the blowpen toy could be transformed into a passable (though improbable) assassination device.

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