Capital and Labour on the Rhodesian Railway System, - download pdf or read online

By Jon Lunn

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This vital e-book is the 1st in-depth historical past of the Rhodesian railway approach. overlaying the interval 1888-1947, while the Rhodesian railway approach was once privately owned through Cecil Rhode's British South Africa corporation, this e-book makes use of the Rhodesian railway process as a prism in which it refracts many dimensions of the imperial event in critical and southern Africa, starting from the impulses underpinning the nearby objectives of Rhodes himself to the origins of black employee protest within the Rhodesias.

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After his death, would ever have recognised. 2 THE RAILWAYS AS MONOPOLY CAPITAL Whatever motivationswere to the fore at a particular moment, the process of primary railway construction had to be financed. This was no simple task. BSA Co. policy with regard to railway construction was profoundly shaped by the limited supply of capital available for it. This was so despite the fact that there was an overall surplus of capital within the City of London in the 1890s. Operating as the BSA Co. 31 The Rhodesian railway system was to be built into a virtual economic void; however good eventual prospects might be, traffic would inevitably be initially minimal if not non-existent.

Was increasingly wary of settler political power in Southern Rhodesia by the end of the 1900s. In an internal report discussing future BSA Co. land policy, Fox wrote that a lack of development might be a blessing in disguise, as a larger settler population would pose a political threat to the Charter when it was due for renewal. He concluded: it may well be that it may suit the Company to promote a similar condition of affairs in 1924 ... It cannot be to the interest of the Company to force the pace of land sales and still less the political development of the country.

And the railways hesitate to manipulate rates on the southern route so as to restore the competitive position of Beira. 46 Capital Also in favour of the Messina connection was Liebigs, which owned a massive ranching concern south of West Nicholson and offered to guarantee the interest on an extension from Messina to the north bank of the Limpopo river, that is, within Southern Rhodesia. If this line was built it promised to build a canning factory in the vicinity. 19 Despite considerable pressure, the BSA Co.

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