BTEC level 3 national sport : performance & excellence by Jennifer Stafford-Brown PDF

By Jennifer Stafford-Brown

ISBN-10: 1444128248

ISBN-13: 9781444128246

Absolutely up to date to mirror the 2010 BTEC nationwide recreation specification, functionality and Excellence pathway, this new version of the bestselling textbook presents scholars with the entire wisdom, realizing and abilities to place them at the route to good fortune with their BTEC nationwide activity qualification. Written via professional senior verifiers who've been concerned with the recent qualification's improvement. BTEC point three nationwide recreation: functionality AND EXCELLENCE moment version presents whole insurance of each point of the qualification and contains: --clear studying pursuits and key studying issues --clear structure with student-friendly obtainable textual content --expert review information --even extra color pictures to supply even better context for college students --clear mapping of data and actions to the proper go, advantage and contrast standards --practical case reviews associated with evaluate

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Indb 35 Heart Rate: Anticipatory Increase and Activity Response During exercise, the heart rate needs to be increased in order to ensure that the working muscles receive enough nutrients and oxygen, and that waste products are removed. Before you even start exercising, there is an increase in your heart rate, called the anticipatory rise. The anticipatory rise occurs because when you think about exercising your body releases adrenaline, which makes your heart beat faster. g. ). Once you start exercising, your body releases more adrenaline, which further increases your heart rate.

It then passes through the larynx, which is responsible for voice production. 4. Air passes over the epiglottis. The epiglottis At rest The diaphragm contracts and moves downwards; this results in an increase in the sise of the thoracic cavity and air is forced into the lungs. Exercise During exercise, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract, which makes the ribs move upwards and outwards, and results in more air being taken into the lungs. Principles of Anatomy & Physiology in Sport Functions of the Respiratory System Ribs raised by external intercostal muscles contracting The aim of breathing is to get oxygen into the bloodstream where it can be delivered to the cells of the body.

ATP The only form of energy that the body can use is called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. In the muscles ATP will provide the energy to enable the muscle fibres to shorten and develop tension. As long as there is a supply of ATP then the muscles will be able to contract. To supply this energy the body has three different energy systems: ●● creatine phosphate system ●● lactic acid system ●● aerobic system. 26 P6 M3 • pleural membrane • thoracic cavity • visceral pleura • pleural fluid • alveoli • diaphragm • intercostals muscle – internal and external.

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