Book of Vile Darkness (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy by Monte Cook PDF

By Monte Cook

ISBN-10: 0786926503

ISBN-13: 9780786926503

This sourcebook for the Dungeons & Dragons video game is meant for mature audiences and gives a Dungeon grasp with unflinching entry to subject material that might expand any crusade. incorporated in an in depth examine the character of evil and the complicated problem of confronting the various dilemmas chanced on inside of its private shadows. besides depraved spells, wondrous goods, and artifacts, booklet of Vile Darkness additionally presents descriptions and information for a bunch of abominable monsters, archdevils, and demon princes to pit againt the noblest of heroes.To use this complement, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player's instruction manual, the Dungeon Master's consultant, and the Monster guide.

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Here, the jungle undergrowth of the plains becomes steeped in water that ranges from 1 to 25 feet deep. In the moors, many exotic fruits of Nordmaar grow. Although the rest of the continent has not acquired a taste for these fruits, the natives of Nordmaar routinely make liqueurs from them. Between the two types of terrain stands North Keep, where the barbarian King of Nordmaar rules his lands. South and west of the moors lies a thin band of desert and Savannah land that separates Nordmaar from continental Ansalon.

The stony mountains of these islands 34 tween the Dargaard Mountains and the northeastern Khalkists. Unlike the smooth and verdant grasslands of Solamnia to its west, Estwilde consists of dry grasslands, rugged foothills, pine forests, and high mountains. Only tough grazing animals such as goats can subsist on this rugged feed. in the north lie the Woods of Lahue, whose wiry trees form a dense forest against the Astivar Mountains. Reports indicate that a goblin empire may be forming here. Also, a pinkskinned, blonde-furred race of human cannibals called the Lahutians dwells in these woods.

Although the islands average only ten miles in diameter, each contains everyterrain from lush plains to high mountains. This wide variation of land types makes each isle a beautiful and idyllic world unto itself. But humans and demihumans rarely see the beauty. These are magical isles. Legends say they shift in shape and position when human ships approach. Many a captain has reported pursuing one of the isles out to sea only to be closed upon by night. Whether these shifting islands are merely low-lying clouds, phantasmal visions, or actual spots of land, none can tell.

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