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By Robert F. Almeder

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Blind Realism originated within the deeply felt conviction that the frequent popularity of Gettier-type counterexamples to the classical definition of information rests in a demonstrably inaccurate figuring out of the character of human wisdom. In looking to protect that conviction, Robert F. Almeder deals a pretty designated and systematic photograph of the character and boundaries of human genuine wisdom.

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Although you knew that Harry was broke, he might have been rich; as a matter of fact, Harry was broke (otherwise you would not have known it), but had the universe been different in certain relevant respects Harry might have been rich. This sort of construal of "X knows that p, but p may be false" enjoys the advantage of admitting of a sense of 'knows' consistent with the possibility of error without omitting truth as a necessary condition of knowledge. 20 Many philosophers will agree with Malcolm that this, and only this, is the proper interpretation of (Kxp .

Of course, no part of this second argument asserts that any theory of truth that does not allow us to pick out, or establish, which sentences satisfy the definition of truth proposed by the theory is self-defeating. Nor does this second argument assert that the correspondence theorist can explain the fact of truth value revision only under conditions that render the correspondence theory either absurd or self-defeating. Before going on to examine P13, it may be helpful to distinguish these past two arguments from a similar, but unsound, argument one sometimes hears.

Later I hope to show that we can set this objection aside, that the above analysis is in fact consistent with a core realist's world view although it is inconsistent with a correspondence theory of truth. For the moment, however, we can turn our attention to the strong sense of 'knows'. THE STRONG SENSE OF 'KNOWS': A CONCEPT WITHOUT INSTANCES Knowing Strongly Requires Entailing Evidence In addition to the weak sense of 'knows' characterized above, there is a strong sense of 'knows', a sense that does require for its correct application that the evidence condition be satisfied by entailing evidence.

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