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Definition of Phar macokinetics Pharmacokinetics Pharmacokinetics (in Greek: “pharmacon” meaning drug, and “kinetikos” meaning putting in motion) is a branch of pharmacology dedicated to the determination of the fate of substances administered externally to a living organism. In practice, this discipline is applied mainly to drug substances, though in principle it concerns itself with all manner of compounds ingested or otherwise delivered externally to an organism, such as nutrients, metabolites, hormones, toxins, etc.

Exchange interaction effects were discovered independently by Heisenberg and Dirac in 1926. The exchange interaction is also called the exchange force, but is not the same as the exchange forces produced by the exchange of force carriers, such as the electromagnetic force produced between two electrons by the exchange of a photon, or the strong force between two quarks produced by the exchange of a gluon. Quantum mechanical particles are classified as bosons or fermions. The spin-statistics theorem of quantum field theory demands that all particles with half-integer spin behave as fermions and all particles with integer spin behave as bosons.

Vis viva now started to be known as energy, after the term was first used in that sense by Thomas Young in 1807. The recalibration of vis viva to: 1  mi vi2 2 i Biophysics and Environment 51 which can be understood as finding the exact value for the kinetic energy to work conversion constant, was largely the result of the work of Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis and Jean-Victor Poncelet over the period 1819-1839. The former called the quantity quantite de travail (quantity of work) and the latter, travail mecanique (mechanical work), and both championed its use in engineering calculation.

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