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By S. Grimnes, O. G. Martinsen

ISBN-10: 0123032601

ISBN-13: 9780123032607

Even though the ebook is meant for people within the organic sciences it's very not going to be of a lot support to these in clinical and scientific perform hoping to appreciate greater the functions and interpretation of bioimpedance.

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Ttuman blood cells Streptococcus Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus Proton CIColloidal gold Oil droplets . . . . 1 . difference and hence a flow of charge carriers the opposite direction, o p p o s i n g the m o t i o n of the falling particles. H i g h - c o n d u c t i v i t y solutions result in small generated potentials. Streaming potential. 21) where Ap = pressure difference. The core electrolyte is neutral and no electromotive voltage is generated f r o m the bulk flow, only f r o m the ion sheath migration.

This is called the Donnan potential difference, Opt). 27) where al is tile activity of a specified ion on compartment side one, and R is the universal gas constant. 2. The monopolar basic experiment When we are to study electrode reactions a little further, we must be able to differentiate between cathodic and anodic processes. We therefore change the setup shown in Fig. 1 a little. , < 1/ 100 of the other. With no current through the electrolytic cell, it does not matter whether the electrodes are large or small, the equilibrium potentials are the same.

Helmholtz'(left) and Gouy-Chapman's(right) model of the electric double layer and electric potential as a function of distance from the electrode surface. C H A P T E R 2. 27 ELECTROL YTICS distribution of counterions in their model for the diffuse double layer (Fig. 8, right). The assumptions of the theory are, among others: I. The surface charge is continuous and uniform. 2. The ions in the solution are point charges. 12) where qq. is the volume density of free charges. 13) where n~ is the concentration of an ion i at a given point, determined by coulombic forces and thermal motion, no is the concentration in the bulk solution and the electrical work W~t = z~er where z,.

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