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By Paul Gilroy

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By Kant himself in some pithy observations on the defects his pragmatic anthropology had divined within the English national character. Kant acknowledges the possibility that national boundaries and cultural difference might intrude into moral and political conduct, though in the case of the English, the question of color, so important to him elsewhere, does not disrupt his crit~ icism of the resulting double standard. The pett)' force of national difference srands in sharp contrast to the absolute divisions marked out by "race"; For his own countrymen the Englishman establishes great benevo~ lent institutions unheard of among all other peoples.

Hencefonh, freedom woilld be located. in a private, inner world rather than in any opportunities created by modem social and political institutions. l7 The commitment to an organic ordering of humankind was important also because it endorsed the claims of racial science to observe, organize, and regulate the social body. Chamberlain, an Alyanist and sterling inspiration to the nciological fantasies of the National Socialists, also stands for the easy racialization of the European ideal and reminds us that alongside H ellenism and Hebraism we should acknowledge the stubborn presence of Nordicism and Aryanism.

Of racial typology and the production of races as historical actors by means of anthropological and geographical discourse is something that should be of the greatest concern to peoples whose position o n the ladder o f evolution is p rojected as being closet to the ground than to the stars. With these connections in mind, I want to add another register to the critical commentaries on the history of scientific mentalities. This critique emphasi~ their connection to the rational irrationality of -race- and rcductive accounts of the interplay of narunl and cultural difference.

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