Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and by Angel Kyodo Williams PDF

By Angel Kyodo Williams

ISBN-10: 1101199458

ISBN-13: 9781101199459

Being Black has won an enthusiastic following in African American and Zen groups. Angel Kyodo Williams exhibits black americans easy methods to enhance a "warrior-spirit" of fact and accountability that could bring about happiness and private transformation.

The ideas and instruments she deals offer a framework for addressing the African American community's designated concerns, hopes, demanding situations, and expectancies. Williams makes use of an eloquent, hip, and sincere method of percentage own tales, time-tested teachings, and straightforward instructions that invite readers of all faiths to find tips to step into the liberty of a lifestyles lived with fearlessness, grace, and fluidity.

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He followed a lot of different teachers and took up different practices. For a while, he even became fanatical and was very harsh with himself and his body. But he soon realized that this was not the way to go either. In the end, he simply sat down and paid attention to the way in which his mind worked. What he saw was how busy his thoughts were and how difficult they were to control. After a while, he stopped trying to control them. With practice, his mind became quiet. With his mind quiet, the Buddha could finally see that so much of what we react to in the world is just something we have made up in our minds.

Look! There is pain. There is pain among people of all ages, races, incomes, and education levels. We are all experiencing discomfort. We are all suffering. Once you know this simple truth in your heart, it becomes the key to understanding the nature of your own existence. It may not happen in this very second, or tomorrow, or next week, but some experience or feeling at some time will bring this simple truth home to you. It will not be words in a book or a passing thought; you will feel it. It will open up before you and be as clear as the bright blue sky on the most perfect day.

But we easily forget our shared humanity. We become self-important and forget about everyone else around us. Even worse, when we do form a community we sometimes get to feeling that maybe ours is more special than others. ” If someone is different, then we shut them out. Maybe they go and form their own group and that group decides that it is more special. We have divided ourselves and we are now in competition. We have multiplied the problem. Now, instead of being individuals that feel separate and alone, we become big groups of separateness and aloneness.

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Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace by Angel Kyodo Williams

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