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By Douglas Niles

This e-book, a full-scale revision and growth of the principles within the unique BATTLESYSTEM fable strive against complement, can provide all of the info you want to organize and play battles with miniature figures. those ideas can be utilized with out the AD&D video game books, yet it's also possible to convert characters and creatures from an AD&D video game crusade and use them in BATTLESYSTEM situations. Lavishly illustrated in complete colour, this ebook is an enticing addition to any gaming library.

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If the check is failed, the unit does not charge and cannot charge during the rest of the current turn. If the check succeeds, the charge takes place. If the enemy unit that triggers an opportunity charge was itself charging the unit making the opportunity charge, the two units meet halfway between the locations they occupied when the opportunity charge was declared. (If a player waits too long to declare an opportunity charge, he may discover that the target unit is too close to be within the charging unit's charge range.

Likewise, dwarven infantry may be able to travel across rough or rocky ground with no movement penalty; elves on foot can move freely through light woods, and through dense woods as though the area was light woods. Favored terrain is not always listed for a certain type of unit; the specification may appear in some scenarios but not in others. Special cases are possible, such as a unit of human "amphibious" troops that can negotiate swampy terrain as easily as lizard men can. Terrain and Rout Movement A unit performing rout movement does not incur any penalties for traveling through special terrain; however, impassable terrain is still impassable.

If both wings of a unit wheel inward, apply only the cost for the wing that traveled the longer distance (or the cost for a single wheel, if both wings traveled the same distance). completes its move (or, if the unit remains stationary, at any time during the movement step that the player desires). As in condition 2 above, mounted archers are an exception to this rule: They are not limited to firing either before or after movement. If the player so chooses, such a unit can use part of its movement allowance, fire its weapons, and then continue moving.

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