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What is missing in Rushdoony’s discussion of ritual is the crucial covenantal mark: an oath. There are lots of rituals, but only certain ones possess the unique judicial character of being oath signs. Baptism is one; the Lord’s Supper is the other. They are rituals; they are also judicially distinct from all other New Covenant rituals. They have eternal judicial authority. Other church rituals do not. But Rushdoony does not so much as hint at these judicial distinctions, yet Rushdoony is known for his commitment to biblical law.

O. Box 1, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Y021 1 HR England. ”3 5 Those who hold a hierarchical view of church government are members of a modern Sanhedrin, he says. ”3G Yet since 19’74 he has been a priest in a tiny two-congregation Episcopal denomination. Abraham’s Faith: The Issue of Subordination Abraham gave his tithe to Melchizedek (Gen. 14:20). This is crucial for any discussion of the tithe and the church. Rushdoony never comments on this verse, for obvious reasons: he denies that the institutional church has a lawful claim on anyone’s tithe.

P. 757. 97. , pp. 757-58. 56 BAPTIZED PATRIARCHALISM could bring visible sanctions, which served as public confirmation of their covenantal authority under God. “9 This is a conventional interpretation of church discipline, as Matthew 18 indicates: at every step of the process, the goal is restoration. But the final earthly incentive for church members to restore relations between each other always rests on the church’s possession of sanctions: the keys of the kingdom. Christians cannot escape from the church’s sanctions.

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