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39)  = PI  s = I  sin 2ϕ cos 2χ   0  P sin 2ϕ cos 2χ        P sin 2 χ sin 2 χ     0  14 Polarized electromagnetic waves where ●● ●● ●● ●● I = s0 is the intensity, or power density flux through the reference plane Π containing the polarization ellipse. P ≡ s12 + s22 + s32 s0 is the degree of polarization of the 2D state represented by s. P is a dimensionless quantity whose values are restricted to 0 ≤ P ≤ 1. The maximum P = 1 corresponds to totally polarized states that therefore can also be represented by respective Jones vectors.

5 2D SPACE–TIME AND SPACE–FREQUENCY REPRESENTATIONS OF COHERENCE AND POLARIZATION Electromagnetic waves exhibit randomness due to the random fluctuations associated with the spontaneous or stimulated emission of photons by matter, as well as to random fluctuations in the propagation medium. The degree of correlation of the emission processes caused by myriads of atoms or molecules of the source material located closely to each other leads to a certain correlation of the electric field variables of the emitted electromagnetic wave.

8 A change of coordinate frame from XY to X′Y′ for the representation of Jones vectors is performed to an orthogonal transformation of the form ε′ = Q(θ)ε, where Q corresponds to a proper counterclockwise rotation by the angle θ, around the axis Z, from the original reference frame XY to the new axes X′Y′. 20) −i  Despite the fact that, unless otherwise stated, in this book the polarization states are described with respect to the basis (ex, ey), the generic notation ε = ε1e1 + ε2e2 is used in order to indicate the validity of the mathematical expressions regardless of the particular basis chosen.

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