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This usual describes polyacrylamide (PAM) to be used within the therapy of potable water, wastewater, and reclaimed water. the aim of this commonplace is to supply the minimal necessities for PAM items, together with actual, chemical, packaging, delivery, and trying out standards and to supply the technique of constructing standards for PAM items

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Aluminum weighing dishes. 2 Reagents. Those reagents needed to perform the standard viscosity test include the following: 1. 83 percent NaCl solution made from reagent-grade NaCl. 2. 1N NaOH solution. 3. 1N sulfuric acid solution. 3 Procedure. 1. Add 715 g of deionized (DI) water to a 1,000-mL beaker. 2. Stir with electric motor mixer to create a vortex of about two-thirds the height of the water. 3. 44-g active polymer. To do this, use the active polymer content stated in the product’s technical data sheet or request the information from the supplier.

Note: Dry-form PAM products usually contain particles of differing sizes that tend to settle during storage or transportation. Obtaining a representative sample from a container of dry PAM, whether the container is a 50-lb or 55-lb bag or a sample container itself, can be very difficult without mixing the entire sample prior to and during sampling. If mixing is not possible, samples should be taken from several depths and combined. 2. Cover and shake for 15 min. 3. Transfer the contents of each sieve, one sieve at a time, to the receiver pan, using a brush, if needed, to aid removal from the sieve.

1 Apparatus. 1. Beaker, 1,000 mL. 2. Beaker, 150 mL. 3. Class “A” 25-mL graduated cylinder. 4. Syringe, 5 cc disposable. 5. Magnetic stirrer and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)*-coated stirrer bars. * PTFE is the acronym for polytetrafluoroethylene used for nonstick coatings. Copyright © 2013 American Water Works Association. All Rights Reserved. Polyacrylamide 19 6. Electric motor mixer (adjustable speed) and stainless-steel propeller stirring blade. 7. pH meter, reference buffer solutions, fiber junction, and reference electrode.

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