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The 1st 4th variation geographical regions Series!

Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former domestic, weeding out the person who damage his relations and rallying the oppressed humans of Hulburg. yet Geran’s enemies are as quite a few because the legislation he breaks looking revenge, and every and each one among them is set to determine him dead.

Blades of the Moonsea is the 1st sequence written solely within the re-creation of the Forgotten Realms® crusade environment, penned through certainly one of its fundamental creators. Award-winning fashion designer and New York Times best-selling writer Richard Baker’s Avenger is going to a spot and time no Forgotten Realms sequence has long past sooner than.

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Pearl and the regular customers collectively hire the PCs to find out what happened to Sydney and rescue her. l The scoundrel who pushed Granz into the jaws of a shark has returned to Ravens Bluff and spotted Granz in the Shark Fin. Afraid of being identified, the man attempts to kill Granz, but fails his first attempt. Pearl hires the PCs to find out who and what is behind the attack. l Rumors that Earl Finn is not dead surface in Ravens Bluff. Pearl learns from a stranger that Earl’s ship was boarded by pirates and that he and his crew were taken into slavery.

The former bosun’s mate is indeed a gentleman, treating ladies with respect, children with kindness, and his fellow man with courtesy. He has a gift for telling tales of the sea—most of them are even true— while sipping fine wine and working his scrimshaw. Grogowitch, the child of a ship’s cook, spent most of his first 50 years at sea. Four years ago he sailed into Ravens Bluff and, liking the city, decided to stay. He enjoys the scrimshaw shop because he is far enough from the saltwater to ease his rheumatism, yet close enough to be at home.

The waxed paper is coated with a special seaweed extract that will not flake off. The quills cost 10 gp each and the treated paper, 5 gp per sheet. • Safety Bottles: These bottles are triple-layered, constructed of glass on the inside, a metal coating in the middle, and an outer shell of ceramic. They are almost unbreakable—a bottle must fail three saving throws (as pottery, metal, and glass) for the contents to be affected. They cost 50 gp each. • Potions of Water Breathing: There are 21 bottles for sale, each containing four doses.

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