Austrians and Jews in the Twentieth Century: From Franz - download pdf or read online

By Robert S. Wistrich

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The courting among Austrians and Jews within the twentieth-century has been tragic. within the age of Franz Joseph, Jews accomplished a level of safeguard, even though their place used to be already being undermined via antisemitism, ethnic conflicts and nationalism. This booklet examines the connection among Austrians and Jews which culminated within the 1938 Anschluss and the Holocaust. It additionally exhibits how antisemitism survived the conflict and the way the floor was once ready for the foreign isolation of Austria through the Waldheim Affair.

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Thanks in part to the dynamism of their leaders, and in part to the seriousness with which they approached the enterprise of 'nation-building', they came to dominate Jewish nationalism in Bohemia until the First World War. The student leaders of Bar Kochba managed over the course of a little more than a decade to map out a distinctive cultural programme, occasionally referred to as the 'Prague stream'. It did so in three stages, corresponding to the three generational cohorts that spanned the years 1901 to 1914.

32 Maccabiia maintained an overtly nationalist character for only three years. In 1896 the group changed its name to the more neutral sounding Verein der jiidischen Hochschiiler (Association of Jewish University Students) and diluted at the same time the stridency of its founding message. One observer later remarked that the Verein der jiidisclren Hochschiiler differed from other middle-class Jewish organizations of the time only in the desire of its members 'to fill Judaism with reality and life'.

For the three days following Badeni' s resignation, the streets of Prague served as a battleground for rival armies of urban agitators. German university students may have precipitated the violence when they celebrated Badeni's downfall by singing German patriotic songs, including the Wacht am Rhein, through open windows in the middle of the town. Large, hostile crowds gathered, and tensions mounted as a group of Germans dressed in national colours marched to the Casino. 12 On the second day of rioting, masses of people who had gathered at Wenceslaus Square and the fashionable NaPrfkope (Am Graben) attacked German stores, coffee houses and private homes.

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