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For plenty of humans there's lifestyles after forty; for a few mathematicians there's algebra after Galois idea. the target ofthis ebook is to turn out the latter thesis. it truly is written essentially for college students who've assimilated immense parts of a typical first 12 months graduate algebra textbook, and who've loved the adventure. the fabric that's awarded right here shouldn't be deadly whether it is swallowed via people who're no longer individuals of that staff. The gadgets of our awareness during this ebook are associative algebras, in general those which are finite dimensional over a box. This topic is perfect for a textbook that may lead graduate scholars right into a really expert box of analysis. the most important theorems on associative algebras inc1ude probably the most best suited result of the good heros of algebra: Wedderbum, Artin, Noether, Hasse, Brauer, Albert, Jacobson, etc. the method of refine­ ment and c1arification has introduced the facts of the gemstones during this topic to a degree that may be preferred through scholars with basically modest heritage. the topic is nearly particular within the wide variety of contacts that it makes with different components of arithmetic. The research of associative algebras con­ tributes to and attracts from such subject matters as workforce idea, commutative ring concept, box thought, algebraic quantity conception, algebraic geometry, homo­ logical algebra, and class concept. It even has a few ties with components of utilized arithmetic.

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The product of natural transformations is again a natural transformation. 6. FUNCTORIAL SUBGROUPS AND QUOTIENT GROUPS Some of the most important functors in abelian group theory associate with a group A a subgroup or a quotient group of A . Let us discuss briefly this kind of functor. T o begin, we mention a few examples of such functors. The functorial properties are straightforward to verify. Example 1. Let T : d 4 . d,T ( A ) is the torsion part of A , and for a : A + B in d ,T(a)is the restriction map a 1 T ( A ) : T ( A ) T ( B ) .

And the product np = qh q ; p + . + qApn + ... are as follows: qo = so ro -k,,p,q~=sOrO-mOp,q~=sOr,,+s,r,~, -kop,q,=s,+r,+k,-l s,,ro m,- I - m, p (n = I , 2, .. ), where the integers k , , k , , m, , m, are uniquely determined by the fact that all of q, and 4;are between 0 and p - 1. As to subtraction and division, note that the negative of n = s, p" + ~ , + ~ p " + ~ + ... (s, # 0) is - n = ( p - s,)pn (p - s , + ~ - l ) p n + l + . . ,and the inverse n-l of (3) exists if and only if so # 0; it may be found by using the inverse rule to multiplication.

A) If A is the direct sum [product] of the groups Bi (i E I ) , and Ci are subgroups of Bi, and if C is the direct sum [product] of the C i , then C is a subgroup of A such that A/C is the direct sum [product] of the quotient groups Bi/Ci. (b) If 0 -+ Ai* Bi* Ci -+ 0 are exact sequences (i E I ) , then so are O + @Ai 3 @ B i o+n~ and 881 @Ci+O ~B 3, ci-+o. A n~ 3. A is a direct sum of its subgroups A i (i E I ) if and only if CAi= A i and n A: i =O where A:=CAj. j+i (a) The direct sum of p-groups [torsion groups] is again a p-group [torsion group].

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