American Indian Mythology by Evelyn Wolfson PDF

By Evelyn Wolfson

ISBN-10: 0766014118

ISBN-13: 9780766014114

Lengthy prior to they have been written down, American Indian myths have been saved alive via a robust oral culture. have you puzzled how the realm used to be made? MYTHOLOGY OF the yank INDIANS discusses this secret, in addition to different myths and legends from varied tradition parts all through North the USA. every one bankruptcy is by means of a question and resolution part which covers characters, issues, and logos. knowledgeable statement part complements the myths with reviews via famous students. This e-book is constructed from AMERICAN INDIAN MYTHOLOGY to permit republication of the unique textual content into book, paperback, and exchange variations.

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I am the superior force. Admit it! ” Then Zurong whirled and drew up all his strength. He inhaled every particle of heat, spark, and ember in his being, and blew out a blast of fire at the rebel warriors. The heat of his flames scorched and burned the sea creatures to cinders inside their own armor. The sea became a floating mass of grit, shell, and ash. 45 Water War The mighty Gong was defeated, his army dead or dispersed. All the gods rejoiced in Gong’s defeat. Humiliated, Gong fled to the west until he reached the Buzhow Mountain.

Kun’s body lay trapped and frozen in the ice. 54 YU REBUILDS THE E ARTH Three years later, the Yellow Emperor sent Zurong the fire god to check on his grandson Kun’s body. When he reached the spot where Kun was buried in the ice, the fire god was amazed to find that Kun’s body was perfectly preserved in the ice. As he hacked open the glacier with his sword, Zurong accidentally split open Kun’s body. A huge dark dragon flew out of the corpse. Terrified, Zurong fled to warn the Yellow Emperor. The huge dragon became Yu the Great, son of Kun, who was born with all the memories and knowledge of his father.

41 4 WATER WAR INTRODUCTION Gong the water god is an ancient destroyer god who wrestled for control of the earth shortly after the creation of people. His predecessor, Zurong the fire god, ruled the world peacefully before him. When Gong became the ruler, he wanted to expand his influence by increasing the amount of water in the universe—in the ratio of seventenths water to three-tenths dry land. To achieve his goal, Gong sent torrential rains and came close to destroying the 1 world in a fierce power struggle with the fire god.

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