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There’s a difference between training to physically fly in a capsule and training to get the most out of the experience. So we are going to offer training on how you can make the most of your five-hour voyage. Ron Garan was a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle mission STS-124. He is pictured here (left) with commander Mark Kelly Are there risks involved with this? There are. We’re flying through 99 per cent of the atmosphere so there will be a robust and challenging flight test programme and it’s an incremental programme.

Astronauts are using social media and they are sharing their experience; they are bringing people along with them on the journey. Everybody is realising we’re on the verge of a blossoming commercial spaceflight industry and it’s no longer going to be just a handful of government-trained astronauts going into space. It’s going to be open to more people. What we’re seeing now is the dawn of a golden age. com 37 Future Tech Black hole power Black hole power Interstellar flight will need a tremendous amount of energy; we may be able to store it in a miniature black hole Kugelblitz The heart of the starship would be the Kugelblitz microscopic black hole, the most incredible store of energy yet imagined.

Protective shell Falcon Heavy's nose cone – or payload fairing – shields the rocket as it soars into low-Earth orbit and beyond. It splits down the middle after the first stage separation. TOP TECH 2 On the flipside The second stage begins the next part of its journey. Rather than spiralling back through our atmosphere, it uses its nitrogen boosters to flip its orientation. It then performs a boost-back burn to realign itself back to launch position. Merlin 1D: The engine powering the Falcon Heavy Like any rocket worth its salt, the Falcon Heavy is going to need some serious thrust to get its super heavy lifting aspirations into the air.

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