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Two noble centaurs (hp 30,27) imprisoned and bound for torture and execution. They will offerat least minimal help to any who free them. 6c. Empty cell. 7c. Three gnolls being punished for insubordination. One is already dead from after-effects of torture; the other two will loyally serve any rescuer who can tolerate their gnollish habits. 8c. Empty cell. 9c. Troll (hp 36) being used for torture practice, as it was disliked and caused trouble. It is mindless and enraged, so it will attack instantly if given a chance (+1bonus both to attack and on damage).

W i i n r A spells: ~ n . 4 l r 1st-idenfifi, 1. e+-in'mfih, rmirirr. 2nd-ESP, 7nrl-FSP ;mi;&h;J;tw Wizard reduce; inoisibility; 3rd-dispel magic, sZow; 4th-confusion. Cleric spells: lst-detect magic. 000 gp (all abilities to be determined randomly) Gem of (fire)elemental control Loose Potions offire resistance (four) Coffer Jars of rare unguents and perfumes Loose (eight) worth 2d6 X 100 gp each Suit of magical armor +4, sired for a Loose human (DMs choice as to armor type) 30 (C), lump 3, HD 21, hp 160, THACO -1, #AT 3, Dmg ld10+10/ld10+10/3d10+10 (claw/claw/bite), SA breath weapon (20d10+10, every third round),fear aura (120' radius, -2 prnalty to saves to resist), spells, SD spells, keen senses (equivalent to detect invisible within 100 feet and clairaiidience within 200 feet); SW none, but cannot fly inside lair (although he can rear uc and use his wine buffets,stomos.

If both are meleed, they react as follows: The Torturer will grab his opponent and attempt to throw him or her into the iron maiden (position shown by the circled "A" on Map Six) and slam it shut, causing lOdlO points of damage to the d u c k y victim and trapping him or her therein until released. The Torturer must roll a successful hit to grab his target and hurl him or her into the iron maiden, then another successful attack (this time at a +4 bonus) to slam the device shut. If the Headsman is closely pressed, he will grab his opponent and toss him or her down the well (position shown by a circled " B on the map).

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