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By Ru Emerson

ISBN-10: 0786913797

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Vengeance should be served

A village burns whereas its attackers flee into the evening. Enraged, the King of Keoland orders an getting older warrior to steer a band of adventurers on a retaliatory strike. As they organize to go into the guts of the monsters' lair, every one understands in simple terms the bravest will live on. opposed to the chances. opposed to the giants.

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His enmity entails a +5 increase to Gather Information DCs, and 150% increase on all black market purchases for a period of 1 week before the crime lord loses interest. If the PCs explore Fat Alice’s apartment, they are in for a shock. The place reeks of filth, and bleached bones (from urchins and customers she’s killed and eaten) fill the room. A search of the room turns up 1d20 shaboozh, but characters must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or become nauseated for as long as they remain in the room and for 1d20 minutes thereafter.

Paithas also deals from time to time with Makker (a drug dealer in the Shambles) and brings opah to the city from a few outlying towns. A couple hours away by walking, the Dyareelans have co-opted a farm to store the infected pigs that have already arrived. The cultists send agents into the Brown Bear posing as Apostles of Nature, wandering wise-men attempting to gather enough money to raise a temple to their order near (but not in) Sanctuary. Since a number of odd religious groups are drifting around the villages outside Sanctuary since the Irrune forbade the worship of any non-Irrune gods within the city’s walls, the locals haven’t yet penetrated this cover story.

They are members of the very poor Thatcher family with many children ranging in age from infant to young adult, each carving out a small living as best they can. The children’s mother bakes Jilly’s goods very early every morning before she settles down to the sewing and washing she takes in from other, more affluent families in town. Their father works at one of the local chandleries and sweeps up after hours in several of the nearby stores. The other siblings in this family work whatever small jobs they can find and always bring the money home to their parents in an attempt to keep everyone together, warm and fed.

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