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By Masudul Alam Choudhury

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ISBN-13: 9781137589477

This publication reviews absolutely the fact of the Qur’an, that is signified by means of the fight of fact opposed to falsehood within the framework of monotheistic team spirit of information and the unified world-system caused via the consilience of data. In any such framework absolutely the truth finds itself now not via spiritual dogmatism. particularly, the method accurately includes its special components. those are specifically the ‘primal ontology’ because the foundational defined axiom of monotheistic harmony; the ‘secondary ontologies’ as explanatory replications of the legislation of cohesion within the details of the world-system; ‘epistemology’ because the operational version; and ‘phenomenology’ because the structural nature of occasions caused through the monotheistic legislation, that's via wisdom emanating from the legislation. the upcoming method continues to be the original explanatory reference of all occasions that happen, boost, and alter in continuity throughout continuums of data, house, and time.

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Such regenerative multi-causal dynamics is what manifests the sure reality of the tawhidi methodological worldview. A. CHOUDHURY phenomenology of life and creation. Such an approach makes a distinct departure from the approach of the Muslim rationalist scholars and the religious scholars of yesterday and today. The departure of tawhidi methodology is reflected in its independence from all others.

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Summary of Attributes of the Tawhidi Epistemic Totality The critically important concepts are invoked in this chapter. These concepts are as follows: primal ontology of unity of knowledge; self-­ referencing of organic relations interconnecting events by the continuous recalling of the primal ontology; the nature of the world-system so ANALYTICAL PRECEPT OF ABSOLUTE REALITY IN THE QUR’AN 27 constructed by the choice and formalism of organic relations of unity of being and becoming; and the analytical nature of the evolutionary epistemic world-system and its particulars in knowledge, space, and time.

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