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By Wayne Teasdale

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The Mystic center chronicled Brother Wayne Teasdale's trip right into a multifaceted spirituality mixing his conventional Catholic education and the jap approach of sannyasa (Indian monkhood). A Monk on this planet tells what the adventure has intended for him — residing as a monk outdoors the monastery, integrating teachings from the world's religions together with his personal Catholic education, combining his full of life non secular perform with the must haves of creating a dwelling, and pursuing a process social justice in a big American urban. In telling his tale, Teasdale exhibits how others can locate their very own inner monastery and produce religious perform into their busy lives.

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Yen-shou revitalized the study of pan-Buddhism in the Zen context and the study of Zen in the pan-Buddhism context. He was probably the most prolific Zen author of all time, especially noted for his hundred-volume compendium Source Mirror Record, in which he synthesizes the whole range of exoteric Buddhist doctrine, quoting extensively from more than three hundred classical sources. This anthology of materials from the Five Houses of Zen closes with two selections from the work of Yen-shou of the House of Fa-yen.

Discussion and debate among the three ways of thought were promoted, in order to discourage complacency under state sponsorship and bring out the best in each of the philosophies. It was during the T’ang dynasty that the Buddhist schools of Pure Land, T’ien-t’ai, Hua-yen, Chen-yen (Mantra), and Ch’an (Zen) were given their definitive expression by the great masters of the age. The Pure Land school was taken to new heights of mystic experience by the ecstatic writings of Shan-tao; the T’ien-t’ai meditation exercises were elaborately facilitated in the technical commentaries of Chan-jan; the Hua-yen universe was brilliantly illuminated in the essays of Fa-hsiang; the secrets of Tantric Buddhism were encapsulated in the esoteric art of Huikuo; and the inner mind of Ch’an or Zen Buddhism was straightforwardly revealed in the lectures of Hui-neng.

This is the incomplete teaching. These are nonprohibitive words, generalizing expressions, words of a one-pound or one-ounce burden. These words are concerned with weeding out impure things. These are words of positive metaphor. These are dead words. These are words for ordinary people. To say that it is not possible to attain buddhahood by cultivation, that there is no cultivation and no realization, that it is neither mind nor Buddha, is also Buddha’s teaching. These are words of the complete teaching, prohibitive words, particularizing words, words of a ten-thousand-pound burden, words of negative metaphor and negative instruction, words concerned with weeding out pure things.

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