A Handbook of Tropical Paediatrics - download pdf or read online

By G. J. Ebrahim (auth.)

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00 noon - 5-6 oz rice or stiff porridge. 3-4 oz mince meat containing 50% mince meat, 5% fish meal, 2% oil. m. m. and bone broth. 1 slice (1 oz) bread and 2-4 gm margarine. m. Half a fresh orange. 5-6 oz rice. 3-4 oz mince as at lunch, or beans, or ground nut stew, and 3 oz soup. Lunch with rice 278 132 137 9 226 137 9 Rice Mince Soup Stiff porridge Mince Soup 155 100 80 162 100 80 174 Mid·morning 112 22 40 156 56 10 Porridge with eggs Paw paw Sugar 74 15 119 208 30 2 212 Bread Margarine Tea Cals.

OPERATIVE PHASE Potassium containing solution are usually withheld and fifth-normal saline in dextrose substituted, as a slow drip. POST-OPERATIVE PHASE In the immediate post-operative phase, there will be a period of antidiuresis dependent upon the length of anaesthesia. During th is phase water and sodium retention may occur. Later, excessive urinary excretion of nitrogen and potassium occurs. In addition, there may be further losses from gastric aspiration, ileostomy, etc. In the early post-operative period, 1/5th normal saline in dextrose should be continued as a slow drip - 4-5 drops per minute.

2) Endo-myocardial fibrosis. (3) Rheumatic heart disease. (4) Anaemic heart failure. (5) Myocarditis of viral origin. (6) Associated with pulmonary infection. (7) Arrhythmias. (8) Hypertension - renal disease, lead therapy, idiopathic. poisoning, corticosteroid The treatment includes bed rest, salt restriction and oxygen if indicated. 06 mg/kg. Half the total dose is given initially, and the remaining half over the next 12-24 hours. Daily maintenance dose is 1/3 to 1/5 of the digital ising dose.

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