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By Emmet Scott

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Emmet Scott confronts traditional historians and appears on the facts, archaeological and textual, for the proposition that 3 centuries, approximately among 615 and 915, by no means existed and are 'phantom' years. the writer indicates intimately how no archaeology exists for those 3 centuries, and that the fabric continues to be of the 7th century heavily resemble these of the 10th, and lie at once underneath them. this can be the 1st ebook in this subject within the English language, although Heribert Illig's books at the related subject, 'Das erfundene Mittelalter' and 'Wer hat an der Uhr Gedreht?' were most sensible in German-speaking Europe.

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What these elements are is not clear; yet we should note that such defended mosques, being essentially fortresses, must have been raised very quickly — certainly in no more than a decade. Why then are we told that this one took fifty or perhaps seventy-five years to complete? Bearing this in mind, we can say that there is scarcely a single undisputed archaeological site attributable to the first two centuries of Islamic rule; whilst there are, to date, hundreds of rich and undisputed sites linked to the Visigothic epoch.

Fig. 2 A. Ottonian (tenth-century) book-covers, showing celebration of the Mass. The artwork is indistinguishable from that of the sixth/seventh century. Fig. 2 B. Another tenth-century book cover, showing Saint Gregory and scribes. (after K. Clark). The artistic style of portrayal and the background architecture all look typically late Roman, and could equally well be dated to the sixth or seventh century. Fig. 2 C. Otto III as Christian Roman Emperor, enthroned in a Roman-style palace. Tenth century.

The Muslim conquest of the country occurred between 638 and 639, and we should expect the invaders to have begun, almost immediately, using the wealth of the land to build numerous and splendid places of worship — but apparently they didn’t. D. D. 878. However, the latter building has many features found only in mosques of the eleventh century, so its date of 878 is disputed. Thus, in Egypt, we have a single place of worship, the mosque of Amr ibn al-As, dating from the mid-seventh century, then nothing for another three-and-a-half centuries.

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