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By T.Y. Lam

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Via aiming the extent of writing on the amateur instead of the gourmand and by means of stressing the function of examples and motivation, the writer has produced a textual content that's appropriate for a one-semester graduate path or for self-study.

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If cos 2πj n2 37 5 THREADS THROUGH GROUP THEORY 2cn2 adding the negligible term n2 35 , we may assume 0 ≤ j ≤ n2 /4. The last term 2πj1 2 1/4 is 5 cos n . If j1 ≥ n , the term in curly brackets can be bounded by 3 2 + cos 5 5 2πj1 n 1 −2 ≤e 2 5 j1 n 2 . Raising this to the power 2k = 2cn2 gives a term at most e− 25 n . Multiplying this by the number of terms (n2 − 1) gives something negligible. Hence it may be assumed that j1 ≤ n1/4 from now on. Similarly, if j2 ≥ n1/4 , write 1/4 2c cos 2πj1 + nj2 n2 = 2πj1 n2 cos cos 2πj2 n − sin 2πj1 n2 sin 2πj2 n .

Informally, pick s1 , s2 , s3 , . . uniformly at random from S (with replacement). The walk starts at id and proceeds as id, s1 , s2 s1 , s3 s2 s1 , . . 1) Q(g) = 1/|S| if g ∈ S 0 otherwise. −1 ∗k−1 ), Q∗k (g) = (gh−1 ). Then Then Q ∗ Q(g) = h∈G Q(h)Q(gh h Q(h)Q ∗k Q (g) is the chance that the walk is at g after k steps. Denote the uniform distribution by U (g) = 1/|G|. Under our conditions, Q∗k (g) → U (g) as k → ∞. The same result holds for any probability distribution Q which is not supported on 35 3 THREADS THROUGH GROUP THEORY a coset of a subgroup.

The references above contain many examples and techniques for studying this problem. The present paper focuses on analytic techniques involving characters and comparison. 2. Character theory. Suppose that Q(g) is a class function, Q(g) = Q(h−1 gh). 1 ˆ Then, for a character χ, the Fourier transform is defined by Q(χ) = χ(1) g χ(g)Q(g). The basic upper bound lemma [5, p. 3) ˆ χ2 (1) Q(χ) ≤ 2k . χ=1 The right side is a sum over non-trivial irreducible characters. It can sometimes be usefully approximated provided a detailed knowledge of the dimensions and other character values are available.

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