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This quantity units El Saadawi's literary paintings in the context of her activism, particularly displaying how her principles for the renewal of society run via her writing. As a spouse for examining her fiction and non-fiction, this volunme contextualizes her paintings by means of taking into account the complexities of Egyptian society at the present time - specifically, Islamic fundamentalism and women's prestige. It additionally introduces the present scholarly debate on old women's prestige. Chapters on person novels glance either at approach (oral literary traditions, women's narrative, imagery) and subject (female circumcision, gender roles, prostitution, honor killing).

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Certainly peasant women performed many tasks out of doors, such as cooking, clothes washing, fetching water, field work, and marketing (26-27). As with the work and activities performed, the possibility of Egypt's having 38 been matriarchal appears throughout the social classes, although it is the female pharaohs who attract the most attention from scholars. Inheritance on the mother's side appears to have been predynastic and occurring throughout the population, however. ,,18 The "nominally" is downplayed by AfafLutfial-Sayyid Marsot, who explains, "In Pharaonic times women were the 'focus of the house,' the house ruler or leader, rather than the male....

In later periods women are portrayed winnowing grain less often, while in the New Kingdom gleaning the fields increases as their gender's activity. Grinding, baking, and brewing are frequent activities of women in all periods. And while the depictions we have are of workers on an estate, such activities must have taken place in the smaller homes of artisans and farmers, who of course had the same need for food. 17 An additional activity is suggested by Robins when she breaks her rule of not applying Egyptian art to the real lives of ancient Egyptians: she cites a Middle Kingdom text in which women act as beaters to make birds rise and New Kingdom love poems that refer to a woman netting birds and states, "Although in tomb scenes this is shown only as a male occupation, and the fowlers listed among the personnel of the estate of Amun were men, the image would hardly be effective if it were a mere poetic fiction and not a fact oflife" (Women 123-24).

Even when combined these lists are certainly a small percentage of women in relation to male pharaohs, but nonetheless the existence of solo women rulers is significant. While it is beyond the scope of this study to delve into what is known about each of these women rulers as individuals, I will discuss the repercussions of their having existed. Robins questions how much actual power they had, emphasizing that "kingship itself was not an office open to women on normal terms, and that the role of the royal women was to complement the divine aspect of kingship through divine queenship" (Women 55).

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