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Such an api serves as a convenience layer for the programmer, with relatively highlevel operations that can be used in overlying applications, such as OpenDX, avs/Express or iris Explorer. These contain implementations of even higher-level graphics operations, such as the marching cubes algorithm or different ray casting algorithms, as described in Chapter 4. Finally, as a front end to the user there is either a graphical user interface, or an application programming interface, or both, as shown by the top boxes.

3 The PCAPPI product The “p” is for pseudo. This product also generates data for some constant altitude, but values are extrapolated to extend the image beyond the left and right boundaries of the cappi sample area in Figure 71. e. the closest available data. In Figure 8, all the data in the right image that is absent in the left one has been extrapolated from the lowest elevation angle. The cappi image is an exact subpart of the pcappi image; more specifically, the centers of a cappi and a pcappi image from the same height look the same.

The most intuitive solution is to loop through and project the voxels in a back-to-front order. This way, the voxels closer to the image plane will also appear closer to the image plane since they are drawn “on top of”, erasing, the voxels behind them. The volume is transformed before rendering, so that the z axis is perpendicular to the (x, y) image plane. Voxels far away from the image plane have large z values, while voxels closer to the image plane have smaller z values. This transformation is computationally expensive.

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3D visualization of weather radar data by Ernvik, Aron

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